Services & products

We supply a wide range of environmentally sound peat-free products which will help to lower your carbon footprint.

Our products and services include:

  • 10mm Fine Grade Vegetable Compost
  • 20mm Medium Grade Vegetable Compost
  • Agricomp – 0-20mm Compost mainly used by Argriculture
  • Amenity Bark Chippings
  • Ornamental Bark Chippings
  • Playground Bark Chippings
  • A Trade Cash & Carry – minimum £50 order
  • 3 Acre Peat-free Wholesale Nursery
  • Contract Growing Plant Service
  • Green Waste Recycling

Vegetable Compost
All our peat free vegetable compost is produced on site using local bio-degradable waste,  The green waste and plant matter is processed carefully in controlled conditions and has the BSI PAS100 Certification.

10mm Fine Grade Compost
Ideal for use when laying turf, repairing grass pitches or mulching around shrubs.  Used on many sports pitches, and when laying turf for new developments, etc.

20mm Medium Grade Compost
Ideal for fruit, vegetable & flower beds – high in nutrients, producing better crop yields.  Used on many farms, allotments, school gardens and gardens.

0-20mm grade compost – a high quality compost based soil improver for agriculture giving higher germination rates & yields with less disease and less need for additional fertilisers. 

Amenity Bark Chippings
Help to prevent water loss, soil erosion, restricting weed growth & making areas aesthetically pleasing.

Ornamental Bark Chippings
As above, plus is fire certified to BSI – BSEN1177 standard – helping to ensure a safer environment.

Playground Bark Chippings
BSI – BSEN177 designed for children’s play areas.

Cash & Carry
This Trade Only ‘shop’ is ideal for landscapers, gardeners, local authorities and grounds maintenance companies and more.  A one stop shop for your soil improver, peat free vegetable compost, bark chippings and peat-free plant needs.  With a comprehensive range of over 150,000 plants, hardy shrubs, perennials, grasses, ferns and both container grown & bare root trees to transform any plot of land – big or small.  We can also take your unwanted green waste.  Stock available throughout the year.

Why not make an appointment to visit our knowledgeable staff – who can assist you with your orders.

(With minimum orders of just £50.00 and payment by Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Company Cheque or open a Trade Account with us).

Wholesale Nursery
One of the countries only peat-free Nurseries.  A 3 Acre Nursery, stocked with 150,000 plants in 450 varieties of hardy, peat-free grown plants, shrubs, perennials, grasses, ferns and trees. We offer a unique contract growing service where peat free plants are grown for your own specific needs. This may be 2 or 3 litre herbaceous Perennials or 10 litre hardy nursery shrubs. Whatever your own personal specifications may be we can tailor our service to suit you.

Our commercial plant quotes are carried out by our experienced staff members – offering over 45 years of in depth knowledge of the horticultural business.

During the Spring/Summer months, our Wholesale Nursery produces a ‘Looking Good List’ of plants – which are ‘impulse store labelled’ to help merchandise sales.  If you wish to be included in the mail out for this and receive other news or promotions from the Nursery, please complete our contact form.

Our Agricomp PAS100 accredited product contains significant quantities of plant nutrients which act as slow release fertiliser, giving high germination rates, sustaining plant growth over long periods.  Agricomp adds valuable organic matter and trace elements to the soil, leading to less disease and less need for additional fertilisers.  Full analysis available by contacting  Agricomp is ideal to apply to soils to help with soil structure, water holding capacity as well as enriching the soils health.  Agricomp can be added to grasslands to improve structure and performance.

We sell:


10mm – fine grade peat free vegetable compost – ideal for turfing and mulching around shrubs.

20mm – medium grade peat free vegetable compost – ideal for fruit, vegetables & flower beds – high in nutrients, producing better crop yields.

Agricomp – 0-20mm grade peat free vegetable compost – a high quality compost based soil improver and fertiliser soil improver and fertiliser supplement, giving higher germination rates & yields with less disease and less need for additional fertilisers.

Amenity Bark                   Playground Bark

We sell the above bark chippings which help prevent water loss & soil erosion and restrict weed growth, enhancing outdoor areas.  The Playground and Ornamental Bark chippings are fire certified to BSEN1177 standard.

All bark chippings are available in bulk loads and can be delivered!


Boasting a range of over 400 varieties of peat-free plants, hardy shrubs and trees, the Bettaland 3 acre Wholesale Nursery is one of the first nursery companies in the UK to grow entirely in peat-free.

For all enquiries please telephone, email or complete our contact form.


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