Saving an equivalent of 28,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year

Decoy Holdings Ltd is the parent company to Bettaland Products and is based in South Lincolnshire. The family run business has its history in arable farming but has diversified from crops to include a composting facility, an anaerobic digestion plant and a solar park. Planning permission is also granted for the development of an Energy Store plant, a biomass boiler and 10 hectares of glasshouses.

Once completed, the farm will export over 18 MW of electricity generated from renewable technologies which is the equivalent of powering around 11000 homes. Through the various technologies we will be able to divert 150,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill.

Since our formation we have consistently focused on identifying methods in which to completely satisfy the customer’s needs whilst also being as environmentally responsible as possible. Part of this commitment is our, purpose-built, barn converted offices. These were built using recycled materials whilst also incorporating a rain water collection system which recycles rain water to be used throughout the office. The offices are also heated through a biomass boiler which is fed by waste wood pellets

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a way of converting the waste into non-peat based compost as well as producing electricity. When operating at its planned capacity, our process will produce enough electricity from a renewable resource to power over 1,400 homes.

The plant will save an equivalent of 28,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year and will have the same impact on the nation’s carbon load as taking 11,000 cars off the road.

Solar Farm

Our fully operational solar farm harnesses the abundant natural light and converts it into electricity. Our 10 hectare site will be able to produce enough electrical power to supply 3000 homes.

This plant will produce 5MW per hour which is the equivalent of burning roughly 2690kg of coal per hour.

Glass Houses

Decoy Holdings Ltd group recently received planning permission to initiate the development of 15 acres of glass houses. This development is imperative in the groups’ aims to reduce the heat emissions from the park.

This development can use the electricity generated from the solar, the hea and the CO2 from the anaerobic digestion plant in order to create the perfect growing climate for a wide range of fruit and vegetables in a controlled environment.

If you would like to know more about our plans for the Energy and Recycling Park, please call or email us.