The Company has the right to suspend or terminate a supply contract if the client:

• Exceeds his mutually agreed credit limit
• Is in breach of contract on any other contract with the Company

Should an order be cancelled once dispatched the customer will be charged. If returned in the same condition and quantity the customer will be refunded the originally charged product price.


Any rejections must be made in writing to our office within 7 days of delivery/collection.


All products will be charged as per catalogue prices unless agreed for in quotation. For quantities of more than 5m3 please call our sales team.


Customers with an agreed credit account will be required to pay on 28 days from the date of invoice. Other payment methods include Credit and Debit Cards and Company Cheques.  All goods delivered or collected are subject to the retention of title, until all the sums outstanding have been received by the Company.


All product prices are quoted inclusive of transport unless otherwise agreed or confirmed in writing. Prices include VAT. Quotes are valid for one month from quotation date.

Trade Ref

New wholesale customers are requested to complete our Credit Application Form and sign to confirm they or their representatives have read our Terms and Conditions.